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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally to Fiji!

So I haven't been able to update in awhile because of the lack of internet but I am in Christchurch right now! And yes, I have felt a few earthquakes. Baby ones, but earthquakes all the same.
The first one I felt when I was sitting in my hotel room with Sarah. It kind of felt like my chair was vibrating. After it was finished, I looked up and Sarah and I locked eyes. We had both experienced the same thing. Crazy!
You might be wondering why I am still in New Zealand when I should be on a beach in Fiji by now. Well, our flight was canceled because of the Volcanic Ash circling around the globe from Chile. Funny how a volcanic eruption from so far away can affect us all the way over here, eh?
We spent another full day in New Zealand, playing rugby in the Christchurch Botanic Garden Park. Not the worst way to spend a day, in my opinion. Oh, except I got sick. Wonderful. It's just a cold, but it made my throat hurt something awful and kept me up one night as my nose spewed out mucous like a faucet. But after having this gnarly medicine called Lemsip, I feel a lot better! I can actually breathe through my nose now!
This morning, we got to the airport to find that our flight to Nadi is actually still going! Yay! I think it's better, really, because the flight two days ago was to Auckland and then to Nadi. Apparently the flights getting cancelled have been with Qantas, which flies to and from Australia and from Christchurch to Auckland.
You can check out the flights here: http://www.christchurchairport.co.nz/
assuming that you click this link before I board my plane!
Wish me luck on my travels to Fiji! I love you all! I miss Jasper so so so much!

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